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Hanamal 24 is the culinary jewel of Haifa and the north. The restaurant is located on

Hanamal Street - the developing entertainment district in the lower city tier of Haifa.


Guy Avital, one of the owners of the restaurant, the man behind Recital Danya, along with his friend the chef Ran Rosh established Hanamal 24 with the goal of producing a perfect culinary experience.


Hanamal 24 combines gourmet food, rural Italian design and an ambience of abundance. "Our goal is to be at the pinnacle of fine dining in Haifa and the north."


The restaurant was designed by the architect Natan Faibish, taking inspiration from the Tuscan piazzas. Faibish imported all the pieces and design elements directly from the enchanted Italian north country: everything from the tiles of diary barns, to faucets from ancient castles, and even windows from old houses. All these elements create a warm, intimate and authentic environment.


The restaurant, which is comprised of different and various spaces, creates a new and different experience for diners in each and every room. The central piazza, couples room, lounge, wine cellar and meeting room - the restaurant can suitably accommodate guests at any hour and for any event, from a romantic and intimate evening, to business meetings and more.